The criminal offense and insecurities for a woman

Rachel Durie was one of just any other twenty-three years old basic girl. The particular person was a resident of the USA. The girl was having a normal life until she was found dead on a public washroom floor and the most important thing is that the person who killed her was anonymous.

This unknown person killed her with utter aggregation and the body, especially the face, was terribly torn in the lower half.

The particular picture of the half-face went viral and this is how the whole world came to know about this incident. That is the famous and scary story of a young girl Rachel Durie.

There are different incidents that are usually noticed as the brutal behavior of a certain person towards the woman in society. The male-dominated society usually produces toxic mental conditions and leads some people towards cruel behavior or creates a negative situation for the exciting members of the society.

Unfortunately, there are some people in the society who are more willing to appreciate this behavior and they create a negative impact among the other members of the society and spread the same negative mentality.

The effective change can be done by some members of the society only which should have been generated through the youth of the society although sometimes the cruelty of the society or a certain person will affect the whole situation and shake the world to an extent. Some incidents happen in different places in the world which will eventually affect the whole social system and showcase a negative mental condition of an individual.

The background of Rachel Durie incident

There are no much of the other details about Durie is present online especially her family erased some of the initial information from the internet for the safety and privacy reason although there are different types of people have seen the terribly turned face and the whole world got the initial shock of the severances of the particular incident and especially the murdered was unknown and when the news came in even still now the murderer is not under arrest.

The social aspect of the particular incident

 Rachael Durie face photos help the whole world to understand the standpoint of the woman in society and also the pressure of the woman’s safety is much needed. Women’s safety in the workplace, in public areas, would have been one of the primary issues which any government should look at. The unknown or unrecognizable murders raise the particular issues of women’s safety more strongly.

The girl named Rachel Durie was brutally raped and also the forensic says that the vaginal area was burnt and with something like a blowtorch and her face was terribly torn on the lower portion. The murderer may have made her eat the flesh of her own face and the eye was even popping out of her face when she was lying down on the floor.

The murderer hit her so badly that the girl was unable to move and her hands and feet were mutilated terribly on the ground and she was hit by a blunt object through her body.  There is drug-like pancuronium was found in her system which eventually led to the decision that it was used to paralyze her body totally.

The murder and the rape were pre-planned kinds. The murder may even follow her for a bit of a time and the constant following provide the chance to kidnap her and prosecute this crime. But this treacherous crime was so scary that even till now people get Goosebumps while reading the story of Rachel Durie.

The crime particularly the photos is so terrible that the family and the friends of  Rachel Durie were shocked and they all cut off their social media appearance for a bit of a while. This whole situation took place in March of 2021.

This whole situation raised a serious question about women’s safety and especially whether public places like clubs or any kind of party areas are safe for women or not.  The specific changes in the safety system and the implementation of more police throughout the city areas are not enough to develop a safe spot for women, especially since the murderer is unknown.

The specific changes in the social system are much needed in this situation and especially the mental growth of the people is also much needed. People across the world are sharing the picture. Some of the websites blurred out that some of them are not.

This situation has been created a negative impact on the whole family of Rachael Durie face photos which made them uncomfortable and heartbroken as this was one of the most brutal murders in the USA in recent years.

The availability of the weapon

 The availability of the weapon is also some of the most evident topics and the face of the Rachel Durie was completely destroyed by the murderer and she was hit by a blunt instrument.

The availability of the murder weapon and blowtorch is unbelievable and especially these instruments are quickly available and most importantly any kind of normal people can carry these out which made the situation more difficult for the police to arrest or even recognize the murderer. The social gatherings for the people become scarier and most importantly the changes in the society after this incident are recognizable.

The social places have created an id system after this incident to avoid any kind of misfortunate situation.  The danger is clear and evident for especially teenage girls.  These ages are more lucid and they should have showcased more concern in the safety system of the society and especially any unknown or new person should have been thoroughly interrogated to avoid this situation.

 The obituary of the Rachel Durie

The family and friends of Rachel Durie were heartbroken and terribly shaken, which led them to avoid any kind of social gatherings or any kind of social media engagement. The twenty-three years old girl showcases the world of the brutal and imbalanced mental condition of an unknown murder and rapist. her face was turned and the picture provided on social media has been made the situation more complicated.

there are different family members and co-workers who showcased the sorrow of the murder and wrote some of the emotional lines for her. This incident increases the question of the woman’s safety.  The condition of her face was bad and not only that she was hardly recognizable.

The amount of the voucher was even so bad that the murderer made her consume her own flesh which indicated the severe mental illness and as the murderer is still unknown that creates a  more negative impact on the mind of the people.

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