What Channel is Hallmark Channel on Optimum?


The Hallmark channel is of the few channels left that follow their own upright moral code of conduct. The channel follows high standards of self-censorship practice. That makes the programs on the Hallmark channel on Optimum good and clean entertainment. You can watch the channel’s programming with your kids, without any guilt or worry about mature contexts.

Where Can I Find Hallmark Channel on Optimum?

There are 2 sister channels, along with the Hallmark channel on Optimum. Those are Hallmark Drama and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Both the sister channels also share the high moral standards as the original Hallmark channel. Use the table below to find the Hallmark Channel in the Optimum channel lineup in your area:

Channel Name Southern Westchester, New York, Hudson, New Jersey, Litchfield, Connecticut
Hallmark Channel 191
Hallmark Drama 189
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 193


If your location is not mentioned in the table above then you can use the following steps. To find the channel numbers for Hallmark channels in your area, a quick search online should suffice. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open whichever search engine you use on your computer or mobile device browser
  2. Type in “What channel is Hallmark channel on Optimum in Lynbrook, LI?”. You can replace ‘Lynbrook, LI’ to the name of your city and state.
  3. The first few links should contain the Optimum channel guide for your location.

You can use the same method to search for other channels like HBO on Optimum. But remember to substitute ‘Hallmark channel’ in the search to the channel you are searching for.

What’s Special About Hallmark Movie on Optimum?

Hallmark Movie on Optimum is one of the most popular channels on the cable service. That is large because most families feel safe watching entertainment on the channel. The self–censorship standards are so highly maintained. One such example was when Hallmark muted the word ‘God’ in its airing of the movie It Could Happen To You, in 2014. That was done in an attempt to refrain from “taking His name in vain”.

One of the main reasons why the channel has such high standards is because of its roots. The channel’s history is much different to channels like Showtime. Hallmark channel was originally known as VISN/ACTS. In 1992, two religious channels merged into one. Those underwent a couple of rebrands before finally becoming the Hallmark brand. Though the channel does not show religious programming anymore, the spirit is still evident.

Popular Programs to Catch Now

While Hallmark Movies on Optimum airs just movies, the main Hallmark channel airs original as well as acquired series. It also airs some made-for-TV movies as well. In fact, the original content enjoys such a following that it has become the envy of channels like NBC.

Meet the Peetes

Meet the Peetes is a reality series starring Rodney Peete and his family, including the mother-in-law. It is the channel’s first attempt at a reality series. And the series is currently in its second season. It was picked up by Hallmark soon after it was dropped from the Oprah Winfrey Network.

When Calls the Heart

It debuted as a television movie but was later converted into a series. It is set in the early 20th century and follows a teacher. As she begins her teaching career in an assignment in Coal Valley, a small coal-mining town. The young educator will have to forget everything she has learned in her high-society life. Otherwise, she won’t be able to reach out to the children in her class.

Good Witch

Good Witch is a comedy-drama series that has been renewed for its 6th season. The series is an adaptation of the TV movie series of the same name. The series continues with the adventurous life of Cassie Nightingale, who is, as the title suggests, a good witch. A must-watch series if you believe that witches can exist amongst us.

Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores is a drama series. It is the adaptation of the novels, of the same name. It follows Abby O’Brien, as she uproots her life and moves back to her hometown. While she is in town, she needs to help her sister save her Inn from foreclosure.

The purpose of this guide was to help you make the most of your Optimum deals. By helping you locate the channel number for Hallmark, you can enjoy an entertaining evening with your family. If you can’t find your city/state in the table above, you can always call Optimum Customer Support. they will be able to give you all the channel numbers for networks in your area.

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