Les Feldick, an excellant Bible teacher.



Les Feldick was born on June 6, 1927. Till 27th July 2021, he is 94 now. She is living in Oklahoma, United States. She is leading the life of a rancher for many years. His height is 5’10” and his weight is 72kg. He has 3 more brothers and sisters. Les Feldick only attended public school among his sibling. Thereafter, he graduated from High School in his locality. His remaining brother and sisters used to work with parents at church. Finally, he married Iris in 1953. Afterward, he had three children and eight grandchildren living together. Let us discuss Les Feldick.

Teaching of Bible

Les Feldick loves to teach Bible. Over 30 years of a Bible teacher, he developed strong relationships with his students. His students belonged to multicultural. In his entire life, Les Fledick got no formal education in Bible. People know him well as an excellent Bible teacher. Meanwhile, for over 30 years, he taught Bible in a home style. Do you want to know more about Les Feldick? So, continue reading for more facts about Les Feldick. Among his students, one led him to the TV program. Finally, he appeared in a TV program,

Personal Life of Les Feldick

In 1950, Les Feldick graduated. Later in 1953, he attended Saint Joseph Hospital to get R.N. He found his life partner here, Iris. Thereafter, in 1953, they married.  Later in 1990, he launched his TV program. One of his old students helped him out with this issue. Thereafter, in the same year, he started his first show, “Through the Bible with Les Feldick”. He again started teaching Bible in the home style. In his TV Shows, he taught Bible to his viewers. He recorded this program in parts and episodes. Among others, Daystar and Christian networks aired his programs. As he grew old, he got retirement from his Bible show in 2011. He has written over 80 books explaining the teachings of the Bible. Now, he teaches Bible in seminars only.

 Professional career

Despite in absence of formal Bible education, he teaches Bible effectively. People know Les Feldick as a master in explaining Bible. Furthermore, people recognize him as a master in teaching Bible. Meanwhile, his written material really helps people to understand Bible easily. Among other writings, his book, Sermon Prepping is very famous.

Achievements of Les Feldick

          Les Feldick has been nominated for several awards. Further, he achieved many awards. People recognize his work and teaching. Many lifetime achievements have been awarded to him. But there is no exact information is available till now. He guided the people to God.

Les Feldick’s net worth / Net worth of Les Feldick

He has spent his life in teaching Bible. Therefore, the relevant ministry pays Les Feldick for his work. His videotapes, DVDs, TV shows, audio cassettes, CDs, and transcribed books pay him a lot. Finally, till 2021, Les Feldick’s net worth is $10 million.

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