USDT APR Interest – How to Earn Tether with a Savings Platform

Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency industry, innovators have come up with more stable digital assets that are pegged on fiat currencies such as the US dollar. USDT APR Interest These coins are called stablecoins, and Tether (USDT) is one of them. USDT aims to keep the situations stable on their blockchain at all times.

Since the USDT remains stable unlike the volatile cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, it has become a preferred mode of storage of value such as saving crypto to earn interest. It operates on Bitcoin’s blockchain as a second-tier Omni layer. However, Tether is also used as a means of the transaction all over the world, especially in e-commerce.

Any crypto investor who is interested in saving their digital assets for future use can take advantage of reliable crypto savings account with a USDT APR. Fortunately, most of these platforms are extremely secure and they also provide you with a digital wallet and an internal exchange for ultimate convenience.

How Much USDT APR Do People Earn?

Well, it primarily depends on the product of the platform you choose. However, you could earn a Tether APR of up to 12% APR with a reliable crypto saving platform. This is a compounded interest that starts to accumulate immediately after you open a savings account and deposit your Tether.

The reason why USDT APR is typically high is that it is a stablecoin, which is unlikely to crash any time soon. So, the platforms are assured of investing your savings without unnecessary risks. So, check to find out how much your preferred crypto saving account is willing to give for your Tether.

The returns are paid out after an agreed period, say weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Investors are allowed to withdraw their interest as USDT, any other crypto, or fiat currencies. The good thing is that you can grow your savings to earn more USDT APR by topping up your account with the interest earned.

Platforms to Earn the Best USDT APR


Are you looking for the best Tether APR? YouHodler has helped thousands of investors to HODL through their dynamic crypto saving platform. All you need to do is open an account with the platform and deposit your Tether to start earning a decent interest in return.

YouHodler has a 12.3% APR on USDT, which is one of the highest on the web today. According to studies, there is no traditional bank that can give you such high amounts of interest for saving your investments. Investors also have easy control of their funds where they can withdraw or top up the principal as they wish.

Youhodler, unlike other crypto saving platforms, allows ‘holders to access their interest every week. So, your USDT APR interest is paid weekly. USDT APR Interest The amount accrued is deposited in the investor saving account but gives you the freedom to withdraw it in whichever currency you wish among the ones listed on the platform. Due to this, YouHodler has become one of the most popular platforms for savings.

YouHodler offers guaranteed security to investors. Security is a big concern for many crypto investors after all of the stories of hacking on the web. But the platform has taken extra precautions on how they save their digital coins. They are distributed in both hot and cold wallets that are very secure to significantly reduce the risk of losing them. As an investor, you can rest assured that your digital assets are safe.


This is a very high-yield crypto saving account known all over the world for Bitcoin saving. However, it has a higher USDT APR because stablecoins are less volatile as compared to traditional cryptocurrencies.

BlockFi Interest Accounts (BIA) are flexible because you can save one among the many cryptocurrencies listed. But for most investors, Tether is among the best options because it earns up to 7.5% Tether APR. Your interest will be paid monthly and you can choose to invest it back to boost your savings.

The security of the platform is top-notch and the platform has not had any major security breach challenges in the past.


Have you heard about a crypto savings account that could give you up to 12% USDT APR? Nexo calls you to deposit any idle Tether on their platform and start earning interest immediately. What is surprising about this transparent platform is that it gives Tether APR interest compounded daily. This means that you can withdraw your interest at any time you want in a currency of your choice.

Nexo’s website has a tool to calculate your USDT APR interest depending on the amount of Tether you plan to deposit. Since Tether is stable, you can easily predict the compound interest you will earn for the whole year or any other time you want.

There is no need to get worried because Nexo guarantees asset security through its dynamic platform. It’s no wonder why the platform has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

How to Open a Savings Account to Earn USDT APR

One thing in common with all the three crypto savings accounts we have discussed above is that they require you to open an account and deposit Tether from your digital wallet. The same account is used to deposit the interest during the payouts. So, opening an account on YouHodler, BlockFi, Nexo, or any other preferred crypto savings account is the first step.

The procedure may vary from one platform to another as well as the needed verification requirements. So, visit the official website of these platforms and follow the easy guidelines. Some require a minimum deposit while others have abolished such requirements.


It is easy to enjoy the best USDT APR in the market when you take your time to choose the best crypto savings account. Although this post has given three of the best, there are more for you to choose from depending on what suits your needs in the best way. It is highly recommended that you consult an expert in crypto saving to understand this topic better before making the decisions. However, the insights we have shared here will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions.

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