Religious holidays: how not to deprive yourself and protect your health

Religious holidays: how not to deprive yourself and protect your health

There are about a thousand ski resorts. It is known that it was they who played a significant role in the spread of the infection,Religious holidays  and mass gatherings of people in summer and autumn led to a new outbreak of the epidemic. The coronavirus is not transmitted during skiing, but staying in a winter resort includes socializing, including indoors.

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that governments carefully assess all risks when deciding to hold any event involving a large crowd of people – be it sports games, religious celebrations or recreation.

Given the current dire situation with the virus in Europe, WHO considers it necessary to limit, postpone or cancel all such activities? Moreover, decisions, including those related to travel permits, must be made ahead of time.

How to Celebrate Religious Holidays in the COVID-19 Era?

The WHO reminds that mass events in closed spaces are fraught with risk, especially when representatives of different generations gather who do not live under one roof and do not adhere to uniform epidemiological rules. In order to somehow reduce the risk of spreading infection in such situations, it is necessary to frequently and thoroughly ventilate the room and follow other recommendations of local authorities.

Religious December Global Holidays 2021 should be different. First, the WHO advises, whenever possible, to conduct them outdoors. If this is not possible, it is necessary to limit the number of participants and the duration of such events, to ensure the possibility of maintaining physical distance and hand hygiene, and wearing masks.

How to protect yourself and your family

Parties, even in a narrow circle, are especially dangerous – representatives of different generations gather under the same roof, not living together and, perhaps, not observing precautions with the same thoroughness.

Again, it’s best to meet outdoors whenever possible. If people decide to have a party at home, then it is necessary to follow the already well-known rules: a narrow circle, physical distance, hand hygiene, masks.

This behavior may seem strange when meeting close friends and family, but there is no other way to keep yourself and others safe.

Remember that people who are particularly vulnerable to infection due to age and health conditions are often embarrassed to comment or ask loved ones to stay away. Therefore, everyone else should be aware of the danger threatening these people and behave responsibly.


When it comes to travel, experts advise avoiding public transport and, in particular, crowds. Ask yourself how necessary this trip is, whether it can be postponed. In addition, the WHO reminds that many countries can be entered only if there is a negative test result for COVID-19 , in others, quarantine is required upon arrival. Experts call for strict adherence to all rules introduced by local authorities.

Yes, the holidays, unfortunately, this year will not be the same as usual. But now we are talking about safety, including the people around you. “Don’t underestimate the importance of the decisions you make – on a personal, family or community level. The further course of the pandemic depends on them, ”the WHO reminds.

In conclusion

The WHO reminds: although the religious holidays in December 2021, as, indeed, in the past, differ from the usual, observing all the precautions, they can be celebrated and protected health – your own and loved ones.

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