What is the use of December global holidays reviews

What is the use of December global holidays reviews

December global holidays can be arranged at any time and in any place, but at the dacha the fairy world is so close that you only need to take a couple of steps and the adventure will begin.

And what a wonderful adventure it is! Nature creates the necessary scenery, time stretches, and you can plunge headlong into a fairy tale, live in it. It is from the December global holidays reviews that you learn how to spend the December holidays – without fuss, relaxed, cheerfully and necessarily enjoying the process.

To launch such a multi-day game with the help of a December holiday in a box is a good, but not the only option for summer cottage entertainment. Here are some more proven ideas:

  • Settle fairies, gnomes and other unusual creatures across the territory. If you like doing something with your hands, make characters from any material, if not, print out cardboard figures or even just glue the eyes on some thick sticks with branches-handles. If the territory is large, fabulous creatures can give hints of where to look. This engages children of all ages, and adults too. And if you update the “deposits” from time to time, the game will live with you until the end of the vacation.
  • Send the children on a hike around the summer cottage. The main thing for a hike is real food (pieces of vegetables and fruits, cookies), and travelers themselves will find adventure. But if there is an asphalt path nearby, draw a path on it with chalk – a swamp in which you need to jump over bumps, a narrow bridge along which you need to cross the river, flowers that you should not step on, pits that you will have to jump over, and creatures that meet on the way. You can go on a hike both on foot and by magical transport.
  • Provide the kids with large cardboard boxes, sheets of cardboard, duct tape, and screeds to build their own starship, castle, or ship. To whet your interest, drop useful items and messages from residents of another country / planet.
  • A well-known competition for children’s parties is a spider web of threads that you need to crawl through. If you are not afraid of the consequences of such a game, give the children a ball or two of unnecessary threads, they will make a web themselves, and they will come up with many activities with it.
  • In rainy weather, paint the sea and islands on a piece of old wallpaper. Then let everyone draw and cut a house out of cardboard and stick it on this sheet. A toy store, a zoo, a cafe, and attractions will be added to the houses. We also need roads to visit each other. All friends, both big and small, who come to your dacha, invite you to make such houses, write your names on them and populate the world. Of course, it’s good when children run somewhere all day. But when they sit in front of such a map for several hours and whisper something, thinking that something new has happened in the drawn world, this is also joyful.

Before leaving the cottage, write December global holidays reviews about the days spent, miracles happened and adventures experienced.

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